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Product Name£º battery operated mp3 player
Product Model£º PM-P33
1,OLED color display, support MP3, WMA, music files and so on;
2,FM stereo radio reception and recording, radio and pre-set automatic search function; (optional)
3,digital audio / repetition through a microphone recording and preservation of ACT and WAV format audio files;
4,or may choose to repeat fragment repetition contrast, the true digital repeat function to support the text in multiple languages;
5,AB repeat function, 7 kinds of balanced mode switch, such as natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, bass;
6,7 kinds of players play mode switch, the lyrics display;
7,Accessories: crystal box,earphone,usb cable,#7 battery


 1.When you charging for the mp3 player,pls turn on the switch.
  2.When you charging connect USB by computer or charger,pls don't more than 4 hours.Otherwise it will extremely easily caused the built-in lithium battery failure and damage.
  3.Pls don't care the Rechargeable light color,4 hours will filled the electricity.
  4.When you connect usb download from computer,don't more than 2 hours.Pls remove hardware in computer first,then Pull out the mp3 player.

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