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Product Name£º screen digital usb mp3 player
Product Model£º PM-P35
1.Screen display,supports the MP3/WMA music broadcast form. 
2. high speed USB connection (above 500KPS)
3. support song famous lyrics synchronization function                                                                              
4. imitates the OLED display
5.six kind of EQ sound effect establishment
6.the low electricity consumes, uses may imitate the lithium battery
7.high quality numerical code sound recording hall
8. supports the ID3 information
9.portable motion hard disk
10.many colors are optional
1.When you charging for the mp3 player,pls turn on the switch.
2.When you charging connect USB by computer or charger,pls don't more than 2-4 hours.Otherwise it will extremely easily caused the built-in lithium battery failure and damage.
3.Pls don't care the Rechargeable light color,4 hours will filled the electricity.
4.When you connect usb download from computer,don't more than 2 hours.Pls remove hardware in computer first,then Pull out the mp3 player.

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