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Product Name£º Crossroad mini Clip MP3 Player
Product Model£º PM-P15
1:Digital mp3 player
2:Build in memory:1gb -8gb
Crossroad mini Clip MP3 Player, MOQ:50pcs 

1) 5-in-1 MP3 player: USB disk, MP3 Player/ WMA player, repeat, recording
2) Built-in flash memory: 512M-16G
3) USB2.0 portable disk, without driver for Windows 2000 or above
4) The disk can be divided into two sub-disks, one sub-disk can be encrypted for data security
5) Support MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV
6) MP3 bit rate: 8 ~ 320Kbps, WMA bit rate: 5 ~ 384Kbps
7) 72 hours recording time for 256MB

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