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Product Name£º OEM customer logo TF card mp3 player
Product Model£º PM-P6
Special function for card reader mp3 player :
1.Without built-in flash memory,support Micro SD/TF card directly card mp3 player with tf card slot,easy to use
3.USB2.0 high speed
4.Model color: 8 colors,black,silver,orange,green,red,purple,pink,blue
5.Cheap and  classic model
6.Can store songs and date at anytime
7.Built-in good quality Li-ion battery
8.A very popular sport model MP3 player
9.Free style motion MP3 player and back-hang;
10. Design: Colourful, Simple,Classical, Exquisite, Fashionable, and Smart
11. Suitable for promotion to give as a gift
12.Packing and brand can be customized.

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