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Product Name£º Outdoor sports multi-function Bluetooth smart Watch
Product Model£º PM-EX18


1.With the mobile phone APP Bluetooth connection, the phone calls, text messages, QQ, WeChat, Twittre, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and other information, watches will be timely reminder beep way.

2.After the connection with the mobile phone APP Bluetooth, from the APP to open the phone camera, when the S1 button can be used as the mobile phone shutter button, remote camera.

3.Watch motion data can be stored for 21 days; uploaded to the cloud server can be permanently saved; mobile or tablet devices in APP can always view.

4.Support Android mobile phone and apple mobile phone; Chinese and English APP; background server support global network; support friends circle to share and ranking.


Specification config£º 

Hard Ware 
Programme :  SI-BW03
System:  EX WATCH 1.0
BT : BT 4.0
Display:  FSTN / full view
Light:  EL Cold light panel
Sound:  Ceramic buzzing
Sensor : BMA222E£¨3D£©
Battery:  CR2032 (Japan)

Operating voltage : 3.0 V
BT current : 0.25 mA
Step counting current:  0.025 mA
Sound current:  6 mA (Buzzer)
Luminous current : 12.0 mA
Standby current:  0.012 mA
Buzzer sound  :40-50 dB
Luminous brightness:  5.0 LM
RF band:  2379-2496 MHz

BT distance:  8-10m (Open space)
Watch data:  Save data for past 21 days
Server data:  Permanently saved
Very frequent use:  About 5 months
Normal use:  About 8 months
Energy saving mode:  About 12 months
Waterproof level : 5 ATM or IP67
Button life : 100K times


Watch Case:  Aluminum zinc alloy ZA-8
Button:  316L Stainless steel
Strap:  High- tensile silicagel
Strap buckle : 316L Stainless steel
Bottom cover:  316L Stainless steel
Watch case size:  45.5 x 45.5 x 13.0mm
Strap size:  International standard
Unit weight : 82.0g
Package weight:  117.0g


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