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Product Name£º Decorative modern light up small plastic flowerpot music plant flower pot PM-M01
Product Model£º PM-M01
1.Play Music on Plant
This is a magic plant piano. How you can image playing piano on a leave of real plant in the music flowerpot? When you touch the leaves and get the rhythm as playing piano. Meanwhile, the color lights will twinkle along with the rhythm. This is really awesome experience.
2.Flower Pot
It¡¯s elegant design make it as a nice decoration item when you put it in your office, home or bedroom. Potting up green plants in the music flowerpot will purify the air inside your office, home, bedroom, classroom. It is waterproof flowerpot with a water outlet hole.
3.Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
The music flowerpot come with 5 W high quality good sounds Bluetooth speaker. Image that you play your smart music by the flowerpot that have plant inside. When you play music the color light will flash with music rhythm. Make you feel relax by playing music in your office after finishing tedious work. And also this is good choice for your home or bedroom.
4.Night Light:
You can switch to the night light mode. The warm white and colorful lights make you easy to sleep. When make you feel relax when you work at night if you put this flower music pot in your office table.
Type: Pomes         
 Place of Origin: shenzhen, China
Brand Name: OEM        
 Model Number: PM-M01
Material: Plastic, ABS      
 Plastic Type: ABS
Finishing: PE Coated       
 Size: 114*114*117 mm
Net Weight: 400g          
Speaker unit: 50mm 5V 3¦¸
SNR: 90db               
 Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
Battery: 1200mAh         
Working temperature: 3.7V
Bluetooth transmission distance: 10m
Item: modern light up small plastic flowerpot music plant flower pot
1 x Smart Music Flowerpot
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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