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Product Name: High frequency anti-theft card (shielding card)PM-C02
Product Model: PM-C02
Shielding card features
1.The uses RFID IC chip design and production
2.The freely used in various kinds of bags and wallets, purses and bags is the protection of God
3.The ultra thin design, can be like a credit card inserted in the wallet
4.The using RFID passive design, no need to replace the battery
Product Description
Material: PVC material
Inch ruler CR80-85.5mmX54mm
The thickness of degree: 1.3mm + 0.05mm (other sizes can be customized)
Card: surface smoothmattematte surface
India brush: screen printingoffset printingsecurity printing
Methods: laminated thermal lamination
Code: laser code numbercode
Can protect the chip: NXP Ntag series, NXP NXP Ultralight series, ICODE series, Desfire series
Frequency: 13.56MHz
Protocol: 14443A/15693
Chip memory: 1kB~8kB
Service life: about 8 years
Reading distance: 1~10cm
200/250/500PCS/ box
2000/3000/5000PCS/ box

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