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Product Name£º RFID Anti scanning card sleeve PM-C01
Product Model£º PM-C01
1.Protect credit card, bank card, passport and other data security
2.High quality anti RFID signal material
3.Anti tear
4.Water proof
5.Can be placed in the wallet with cards and so on
Product Description
Material material: one side coated paper side silver foil coating, 275g or 182g
Ruler inch: conventional card set size 88*59, 89*58MM;
Passport size is 135*90140*97MM
India brush: double sided printing can be printed on paper or other
 copper or aluminum foil surface
Physical size: 86 (length) *54 (W) *2 (thick) mm
Net weight in kind: 0.012kg
Supply voltage: two CR2016, 6V power supply
Packing Qty: 2000Pcs/box

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