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Product Name£º OEM Customized wholesale power bank 4000mah battery power bank PM-C0502
Product Model£º PM-C0502

1. New premium promotional gift

2. Only 0.88cm thickness with high capacity of4000- 5000mah

3.4000- 5000mAh capacity with ultra thin credit card size for mobile phone

4. Built-in cable design to charge phone without mass

Product Model£º C0502
Core and combination mode£º Polymer battery 6060100/5000MAH 1S1P
Output interface £ºMicro output plug line / base
Product size £º129.3*67.8*8.8MM
Weight£º 104g
Core capacity: 4000-5000 mAh
Charging voltage range: 5 + 0.2V
Rated charging voltage: 5V
Charging current: 1.2 + 50mA
Overcharge protection voltage: 4.20V + 0.025V
Over discharge protection voltage: 2.8 + 0.1
Current limiting protection current: 1 + 0.1
Short circuit protection: Yes
Charging time: 320 + 20 minute
Charging current (charging core):1300 + 50mA
Charging cut-off current: 100 + 50mA
Discharge as high as:100 + 20MA
The discharge efficiency (ideal efficiency): more than 80%
The measured discharge: 1A
Self consumption current:80UA + 20UA
The no-load output voltage range: 5.1 + 0.2V
Full load output voltage range: output 4.85V-5.2V under rated load
Mobile phone charge: OK (normal fill)
Indication of electric quantity:4 lamp indication
1*Charging line
1*USB point charging cable
1*Carton packaging



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