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Product Name£º Q5 Qi Protable Mobile Phone Use Wireless Charger PM-C003
Product Model£º PM-C003
1. Wireless power banks, renew the definition of troditional cahrging
2. Delicate and slim, meets young people's thirsty of fashion
3. Convenient and save, no harm to human body and other electronic devices
Charging type: Wireless
Compatibility: Wireless charging standard
Conversion rate:>75%
Charging distance: 2mm-8mm
Working wattage: 5W
Input:DC4.3-5.5V / 1.5-2A
Output: 5V¡À0.1V
Working HZ: 110-205kHZ
Colors: White, Red,Yellow, Green, blue, black etc
Dimension: 70*10mm
Weight: 50g
Package dimension: 150*110*30mm
Package weight: 80g
1 * Charger
1 * USB Charging Cable   
1 * User Manual  

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