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Product Name£º L-218 Mini Portable Dual Band AM/FM Digital Radio PM-L218
Product Model£º PM-L218
1. Supports TF Card/USB/MP3 format/FM radio function
2. Suitable for mobile phone/MP3/MP4/PC/computer
3. Charging indicator, Free stretching antenna, LED light, can put in pocket
4. Loop playback,potentiometer adjust the volume
5. 0-9 digital buttons, can choose songs, 3.5mm plugy
6. 600 mAh battery, large volume, broadband radio, supports campus radio
7. Play time:2-4hrs
8. Compact appearance with stent,s ling, easy to carry
Material: Plastic
SNR: ¡Ý80dB
Power voltage: DC5V
Output Power: 3W(1KHz,THD10%)
Frequency Response: 200Hz¡ª¡ª20KHz
Color: Black, white, red, blue, gold
Size: 117*20*64mm
Weight: 110g
1 * Radio Speaker
1 * USB Charging Cable   
1 * Sing
1 * Stent

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