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Product Name£º Magnetic Air Vent Mount For Mobile Devices PM-CM1A
Product Model£º PM-CM1A
Portable car air vent mount, hold your device on different air vent
Magnetic design, suitable for all cellphones and GPS devices
It can 360¡ărotate, very convenient
Magnetic design, produce contact with mobile phone, without scratching
Providing a stable viewing environment, good for watching movies or photos
Easy to nstall and remove, operated by single hand, ensure your safety during driving
Light weight, compact and portable
Includes Magnetic Metal Plates
Neat Organized Viewing
Small Ergonomic Design
Powerful Magnetic Surface
Multiple Ways of Mounting the Metal Insert Plate
1. Stick the metal plate using the 3M adhesive
2. Place the metal plate Between your device & protecive case
3. Stick the metal plate Inside the removeable battery cover of your device
¡¤STEP 1
Tear away the adhesive sticker on the round meal plate
¡¤ STEP 2
Stick the round metal plate to the suitable position on the back of the phone
¡¤STEP 3
Grip the magnetic car phone holder to the air vent
¡¤STEP 4
Hover your phone near the magnetic surface and it will be locked securely

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