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Product Name£º K068 KTV Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Karaoke Player PM-KP2
Product Model£º PM-KP2
Microphone: capacitance
Output Power: 10mW(Headphone) 5W(Speaker)
Frequency Range:100Hz-10kHz
Max SPL: >115dB THD<1%
Reverb Mode: Echo reverberation
Impedance: 4ohm
Sensitivity: 80db-115db
Built-in Polymer Battery: 1000mAh
Charging Voltage: DC 5V
Receive distance: 10M
Charging Time: 2 hours 
Using Time: 3-5 hours
Stand-by Time: 7 days
Color: Pink, Golden (Optional)
1. Built-in high quality chipset, it produces excellent sound quality with echo reverberation
2. No need to aim at microphone, it can capture your voice with pickup hole
3. Echo effect is much like KTV, you will feel liking being on the scene of karaoke. Make sure that you can enjoy a audio feast
4. It supports almost singing software no matter on the phone or on the computer
5. With 3.5mm audio jack, it can connect with Android, ios phone, ect
6. Wireless Connection: You can connect with your phone with cable or Bluetooth. And turn on the singing software on your phone or on your computer. In this way, beautiful voice will come from the speaker
7. You can practice singing, listen to music and record songs without going to KTV
1 * Microphone
1 * USB cable
1 * Audio cable
1 * User manual

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