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Product Name£º New product VR MAX 3D glasses for smartphone
Product Model£º
1.Glasses Type: 3D Glasses
2.3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality, 3D glasses virtual realtiy
3.Case material:ABS,PC                                            4.Appearance of size£º170 * 120 * 105mm                                        5.Weight:600g 
6.Lens material:Resin
7.Color: Black + Green
8.Support phone size: 4.0 inch-6.0 inch screen smartphone/android/Windows/ios
9.Media player:3D video playback support,2D video convert to 3D support
10.Games:Special gamepad control and 3D software provide
11.Interpupillary distance£ºadjusable
12.Focal length£ºadjustable

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